Model No.: J-208


1. Power source: Two AAA batteries   

2. Power consumption:0.3W    
3. lifespan:≥10,000h    
4. Sterilizing effect:99.9%

5. Time:in 2 minutes

6. Light source:280nm UVC LED

The advantages of  UV Sterilizer & Sanitizer

High germicidal UVC intensity, achieves 99.9% kill of most bacteria found on toothbrushes in 2 minutes

Requires only 0.3W electrical drive

Instant ON, no delay in reaching peak output

Rapid ON/OFF cycles 

Environmentally friendly 

Product has passed RoHS certification      


Load two AAA batteries into the battery chamber; 
Put toothbrush inside the sanitizer, bristles facing the LEDs.
Close the cover, disinfection process starts in 8 seconds.
Disinfection process completes within 120 seconds.
After a few weeks of use, remove the water tray inside the sanitizer and thoroughly rinse it.


UV Toothbrush Sterilizer  emit high intensity ultraviolet light which can make your eyes and skin harmful, So do not look directly into the UV  light during operation.

This product is not allowed to be soaked in any type of fluid such as water,oil,organic solvent , etc.

Do not  mix up old and new batteries.

Do not let young children play with it .

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