Model No.: J-209


1: power supply: 2 X 7 battery 
2: power: 0.5W 
3: lamp life: more than 8000hrs 
4: working environment: 0-50 
5: 250u W UV intensity 
6: the ozone concentration is greater than or equal to 0.01ppm less than 0.05ppm 
7: product size: mm 

8: product weight: 136g 

Working principle
This product uses cold cathode ultraviolet lamp can emit wavelength 253.7 nm ultraviolet radiation, it is easy to be bacterial and viral proteins and nucleic acids absorb, dissociation denaturation of the protein, nucleic acid in the formation of thymine dimer will destroy the structure of DNA in various bacteria and virus, resulting in the death of bacteria and viruses. It can also produce ozone, ozone, and control the dead ends of the 185nm to ensure sterilization effect.
Function characteristic
1, the use of 254 wavelength ultraviolet light, combined with active ozone disinfection of the toothbrush; 
2, suitable for a variety of electric toothbrush and ordinary toothbrus.
3, advanced electronic intelligent control technology, automatic timing shutdown; 

4, small size, can be used at home and easy to carry

Do not use water to wash the product, otherwise it will seriously damage the function of the product.

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