According traffic accidents analysis from Europe and USA, 80-90% were caused by human factors. In USA, about 100,000 traffic accidents were caused because of fatigue or drowsy driving every year, which leads to 1500people die, Similar situation in Europe, take Germany as an example, 25% of traffic accidents were caused by fatigue or drowsy driving. Therefore DDS (The Drowsy Driver Detection System) are very vital and supported by European and American governements

Working Principle:

Joymate DDS device detects driver fatigue based on the driver’s physiological signals, response characteristics, driving behavior and lane keeping characteristics.

PERCLOS algorithm (Percentage of Eyelid Closure Over the Pupil Time) is used to evaluate the fatigue level of driver, to figure out the PERCLOS value for the determination of fatigue from the closure state of the pupil.

After eyes location by the device, eyes area is further processed and PERCLOS is chosen to be the criterion of the driving fatigue.

Joymate  DDS device B-601 works based on PERCLOS algorithm, When the PERCLOS algorithm detects drivers fatigue or drowsy status, it will record the status and fatigue or drowsy image, make out alert voice and a warning signal which can be used to activate a reminding device.

B-601 has strong IR illumination capability which can detect dark pupil, night time driving. It also works even drivers wear glasses.

1. Speed Switch

2. Lens

3. Eye Situation Indicator

4. GPS Signal Indicator

5. Sleepiness Indicator

6. Far Infra-red Mirror

7. Sensitivity Switch

8. USB Port

9. DC Socket

10. To Connect Base

11. Speaker

12. GPS Speed Tracking Module


1: Driver fatigue detection

2: Distraction and drowsiness detection

3: Driver eyesight departure from front detection

4: Voice alert function

5: Signal output to other apparatus

6: Over-speed alert


1:  easy to install and use    

2:  mini size, nice design

3:  applicable for various vehicles in daytime and nighttime

4:  good performance


1:How it works?

As soon as the device powered on, it will be in working condition to detect the driver face.
in one second, it can produce more than 60 frames.

the device needs 2-2.5 seconds to anaylize from 150frames taken within this time and if drowsy or fatigue condistion is concluded it will alarm and give out signal.

2: What is the working frequency.

The system DSP freequency 600M

3: What is  the feild view of the system?

The device should be positioned leaning to the right side (10-30degrees) in front of the driver and tilting up at the angle of 5-20degrees.

4: What is the best distance against face for the systems:

60-80cm is the best, if more than 80cm, sensity is lower, if less than 60cm, hard to cover full face

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