Many innovations from USA lead the global market. Oral irrigator, used to be a dental clinic device, becomes a popular private and household oral care device. 3 million pcs sold in 2016 in U.S.A.!

The reason for its great success is that oral irrigator is necessary, practical and effective to oral health, and affordable to everyone like tooth brush.

Model No.: J-619

Unit size:8.4*6.5*10.2 inches

Weight:4.14 pounds

Pressure: 5-110 PSI

Pressure settings: 6 settings

Tips included: 12 tip

(4 pcs Jet tips;2 pcs Tongue cleaner tips;2 pcs Periodontal tips;2 pcs Orthodontic tips;1 pcs Moisturizing mist spray tip;1 pcs Cleaning irrigation tip)

Power: 45 W

Reservoir volume: 800ml

Units/Carton: 3 units

1.Extremely quiet design and 100% waterproof----Less than 50db while operating and won’t wake up your families even if you use it at midnight.
2.Holding tips water on 2 sides and 6 speed settings button on handle----More convenient while using
3.Up to 12 rotating interchangeable tips----For various use such as tongue cleaning,orthodontic,periodontal,nasal irrigation
4.5-110 PSI with 1200 pulses per minute----The most effective frequency works best
5.Combination of water pressure and pulsations----Cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline where regular flossing can't reach

About Oral Irrigator

Oral Irrigator originated from USA in 1960th. It is not new product to dental clinics, but it gets quite popular as a private or household oral care device these two years.  The global sales quantity for oral irrigator unexpectely reaches 4 million pcs in 2016. Because more and more people care a lot more about  their oral health and own an oral irriagator like toothbrush privately . 

Among 4million pcs, 80% is sold to USA. The following main consuming market is China, Japan,Korea and Russia. 

Oral irrigator is becoming a necessary item next to tooth brush. 

Just imagine, if  everybody needs a hand-held oral irrigator, the market is incredibly huge and it is becoming likely now.

Joymate is a professional Oral Irrigator supplier, welcome to be Joymate parter and explore the huge market

Brushing VS Flossing VS Joymate Oral Irrigator

Traditional brushing cannot easily reach hidden food debris and harmful bacteria

Flossing has limited access below the gumline

While Joymate dental Jet removes trapped food debris and harmful bacteria easily and safely. 

With the combination of water pressure and pulsations, Joymate dental Jet removes harmful bacteria deep between teeth and below the gumline, wher brushing alone won't reach.

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